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About Dalaman

Dalaman is a district of Muğla.

ATM Dalaman International Airport is within the boundaries of this district. Ortaca'nın into the district after the town did not stay connected. There are 16 villages.

In the Mediterranean region, a district of Muğla Province is due to Dalaman, Koycegiz Mugla province, with medium long and Fethiye town located between the town of Denizli is Çameli. Eastern, northern and western parts of the mountainous south are plains. Shaded counties territory Mountains (2295 m.), Bead Mountain (2265 m.), classifies roughness.

Fethiye Gulf leafy slopes of the mountains which run parallel, high cutting also is surrounded by forests consisting of coniferous trees. Dalaman Plain, the most fertile plain Mugla, Turkey's most fertile plains of the world is within. Dalaman district lands are irrigated, and the transition point is located in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Dirmil arising from the mountains near her husband, Dalaman River is located between Marmaris and Fethiye.

Total length of 229 km. Goktepe western Taurus Mountains and Yaylacik tea-growing branches from the merger, as it flows through a narrow and deep valleys, Ortaca'nın 8 km. dökülür.Deniz from the south to the sea level height 15 meters. Surface area of 61,694 hectares, the district according to the results of the 2000 census, the total population of 28,148 is.

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